Stamped Concrete

With our specialized techniques, we make stamped concrete stronger and more beautiful

Stamped concrete creates the illusion of real brick, slate, stone, or tile. For projects that demand both durability and beauty, stamped concrete can be an excellent alternative to more expensive natural paving materials—at a fraction of the cost. With numerous possible patterns and limitless color combinations, Hottmann can provide stamped concrete to satisfy a wide range of project requests.

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Stamped concrete FAQs: get answers from the experts

Q: What is stamped concrete?
A: Stamped concrete is regular concrete that is poured to the standard 4-inch depth (or other specified depth). While still wet, the concrete is colored, textured, and/or imprinted with special tools designed to give the concrete surface the look of real brick, slate, tile, or stone.
Q: Will stamped concrete crack?
A: With respect to cracking, stamped concrete is just like any other concrete slab. To minimize the risks of cracks, Hottmann installers adhere to the following standard and proven practices for crack control:

  • Use a firmly compacted sub-base on which to place the concrete
  • Use saw cuts of at least 1/3 of the depth of the concrete, placed every 12 to 15 feet
  • Use expansion joints
  • Add nylon fibers to the concrete mix

To maximize crack control and enhance visual appeal, consult with Hottmann to determine the best way to incorporate saw cuts and expansion joints with the pattern layout.

Q: Will the colors fade?
A: The pigments worked into the surface of the concrete are synthetic iron oxides. The same pigments are used in bricks and do not noticeably fade for many years.
Q: How many years has stamped concrete been used in the construction industry?
A: The system for making decorative concrete—i.e., stamped concrete—is more than 30 years old, with the techniques tested and proven in countries around the world. With our focus on innovation, Hottmann has continued to improve on the standard stamped concrete methods. This has enabled us to develop stamped concrete that’s stronger and more beautiful than ever.
Q: Why is stamped concrete a better choice than brick pavers?
A: No weeds can grow through the grout joints of stamped concrete. That means you won’t have to “mow the patio.” Additionally, because of repeated freeze-thaw cycles, heavy rains, and everyday foot traffic, brick pavers often settle, undulate, or separate. This poses a liability risk from people tripping. Stamped concrete does not have this problem. Stamped concrete is also approximately 30 to 50 % cheaper than brick pavers.

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